Engineering is one of PT Rekadaya Elektrika’s core competences, in this service we offer multi-discipline detailed design and engineering services comprising process, civil & structural, piping, mechanical, instrumentation and electrical engineering, we emphasize on increasing the efficiency and quality of the project through business process, value engineering and project de-packaging and maximizing the use of local resources.

In procurement process, our team is capable to develop supply chain management to procure the right material, equipment and services for the job and to deliver them on schedule, our large database and established relationship with suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, and fabricators provides advantage for client in term of competitive pricing without sacrificing our high standard of quality.

Experienced in completing Transmission & Substation development project  with good results and relatively faster.

Transmission and distribution business process starts from

1.Owner Requisition

2.Site Survey

3.Engineering Discs.


5.Proposal Doc