Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


Become a Trusted EPC Energy Company


  • Providing high value-added services for consumer satisfaction
  • Improve employee capability, capacity and welfare
  • It develops synergistic relationships with business partners
  • Maximizing value for shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Make a positive contribution to the environment and society.



Agile in responding to every change that exists so that goals can be achieved.

  • Responsive (quick response)
  • Fast and precise in decision making (swift and sound decision)
  • Agile / nimble and flexible in avoiding obstacles


Care and responsiveness to the internal and external environment.

  • Internally, the attitude of mutual care between employees within and outside the department / division.
  • Externally, understanding needs and responding quickly to client / customer complaints (customer focus) to produce quality products / services (service excellence); care and responsiveness to suppliers to create good and mutually beneficial partnership relationships; and a caring and responsive attitude towards shareholders who support the development of the company and its business.


Promoting beneficial collaboration (value-creating collaboration) between parties that is in line with the company's business.

  • Synergize and be integrated in business processes.
  • Maintaining unity and togetherness for mutual interests between companies (positive engagement).


In each individual is ingrained intelligence / intellectual (moral, mental, social and spiritual).

  • Comply with ethics and norms so that they can be trusted and responsible for work (professional accountability).
  • Achieve high organizational performance (high perfomance organization).


Having a basic belief (mother of effort) to always strive to do and achieve the best (striving for excellence).

  • Be optimistic and positive in facing challenges (confident determination).


Developing mutually beneficial and harmonious networking partnerships with each company stakeholder.

  • Mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers / business partners to ensure sustainable business growth (strategic alliances)
  • Maintaining good relations with clients / customers, the community, and all other stakeholders (synergetic relationship).